About Echoes

About the Work

Echoes In Time takes the audience on “the complete journey through American tap.” (The Daily Gazette). By reconstructing the signature dances of iconic tap dance soloists from the early 1900s to the 1980s audience’s are introduced to a wide variety of styles and approaches to America’s contribution to the world of percussive dance. Throughout the evening the originators and their dances are presented, allowing audiences experience the development of tap over the course of nearly a century. From Bill “Bojangles” Robinson to Gregory Hines, the dances and characters are brought to life for a whole new generation to enjoy.

Echoes In Time, a collection of tap dance repertory by Buster Brown, Steve Condos, Bubba Gaines, Chuck Green, Gregory Hines, Henry LeTang, Jimmy Slyde, and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, is made possible by National Endowment for the Arts’ American Masterpieces: Dance initiative, administered by the New England foundation for the Arts.

What People Have Said…

“Nemr, a tapper extraordinaire, has taken on the massive task of reviving the superlative steps and styles of the late masters Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Jimmy Slyde, Buster Brown, Bubba Gaines and Chuck Green…Nemr stirs the soul with his devotion to this quest and his ability to achieve it with stunning accuracy.” – Wendy Liberatore, The Daily Gazette

“Nemr took the audience on the complete journey through American tap.” – Wendy Liberatore, The Daily Gazette

“Perhaps one of Nemr’s greatest contributions to tap, to be honored someday by the next generation, is his skill in making tap dance an ensemble form….Nemr borrows artfully from the structures and compositions of modern dance while retaining all the spirit and individuality of tap.” – Tresca Weinstein, The Time Union